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What Makes Us Tic- A Tourette Syndrome Documentary

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
~Nelson Mandala

Currently, the project I have underway is a resource documentary about Tourettes Syndrome entitled "What makes us tic". I am very passionate about changing the stigma attached to TS as I suffer from it myself, as well I would like to increase awareness for this highly misunderstood disorder. My goal for this documentary is to create an interesting, easily understood resource for kids, parents and teachers alike.
Scroll to the very bottom to watch the amazing first version of the documentary!

I am now currently working on creating an updated version of this documentary. My plan is make it an hour long, and include even more interviews, personal stories, and information than the first. I also plan to create coinciding resources that can be used in conjunction with the documentary; like lesson plans, info sheets, and educational games and activities. I want to create resources that can be available anytime to anyone who wants to educate about Tourette Syndrome. I can see a lot of potential for this project, it is just a matter of getting there, but I have already made some big leaps, with many more to come! 

Okanagan Changemakers

I recently took part in the Okanagan Changemakers ChangeUp Pitch event, and did a five minute pitch promoting my documentary project. It was definitely a new experience (not to mention knee-knocking and butterfly-stirring), and I am so happy to have met so many other people who are committed to social change as well! I ended up getting third place, and I now have $100 towards my project, but I believe that there will be lots of positive repercussions from this event for my project which I am very excited about!

To learn more about this documentary, keep an eye on my website for updates!

                        R.T.S.T biography
R.T.S.T (Robotic Tourettes Syndrome Ticcer), was diagnosed with TS when his was still a young bot.  After having a bad bout of strep-box, which is an illness in the voice-box of robots, R.T.S.T began to have small tics that, as he discovered, got worse some days and decreased others. Concerned, R.T.S.T's care-bots took him to the mechainic, who could only diagnose R.T.S.T with TS, but had no no way of revoking it. This was very hard for R.T.S.T, as he already felt like scrap-metal, as so many young bots do, and he had no clue as to how to deal with the diagnoses.

"What Makes Us Tic" Trailer
Here is the trailer for my documentary, the full movie should be up later this week, but here's a sneak peek for now!

What Makes Us Tic Trailer

You know what's even better than a trailer?
The full movie!

What Makes Us Tic, A Tourette Syndrome Docmentary