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The story of my TS

Personally, I am a very happy, cheerful person. You know, the kind where the sun is always shining, and the glass is half-full. I could never imagine life any other way; I have been like that all my life, and that will never change. Of course, many people would say that is contradictory to the fact that I have Tourette Syndrome. How could I be happy with a devastating disorder on my plate? Well, let me tell you my opinion of living with Tourette Syndrome, and you'll see why I can still enjoy life...

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, only nine at the time, who loved life. An invincible smile always lay neatly across her lips.  Her world was unbreakable. One day, the antagonist finally worked it's way into her path, an antagonist named Tourette Syndrome. It's appearances were abrupt, uncontrollable, and unnameable. The little girl felt like a puppet, all control was taken from her life; and whenever she had to perform her little song and dance for the antagonist, her response to the astounded faces afterwards was "I can't stop."
Shortly after, the antagonist became unmasked, many of it's secrets laid out across a sanitary counter, while the rest still waited to appear. The relief of the girl was extraordinary, the name and the knowledge of the antagonist was all she needed to be able to at least breathe again.

It's name, was, and still is, Tourette Syndrome.