E Mio

Mi'chiamo Bella Thomson (Bella Maria).
 I am a dreamer, a writer, a poet, a filmmaker, a big sister, a daughter, a student, who also happens to have Tourette Syndrome.

What? Is that not enough information? Okay, let me see what else I can tell you...

Well, at the age of fifteen, I have completed full-length (25 min.) documentary on Tourette Syndrome entitled "What makes us Tic". I intend it to be a resource for anyone wishing to know a little more about Tourette Syndrome. I believe very strongly in changing the way people think about Tourette Syndrome, thus my documentary came to be. So far, I have won two awards for my documentary; the "YWCA Young Women of Distinction Award", and the "Grade 9 Video Award" at Victoria School for the Arts. 
Originally, this documentary was just for my grade 9 discovery project (kind of like a junior high thesis) but I realized that I could take this documentary quite far if I tried, it didn't just have to stay a school project. This documentary has also been such a rewarding experience for me, I have learned so much about Tourette Syndrome, and made so many new friends, I really think- and students are going to hate me for saying this- that there should be more open-study projects like this in school. I found the ability to create a project on whatever interested me the most very rewarding!